James Vitz-Wong

Photo by Tom Rhodes


James Vitz­-Wong is a multi­disciplinary artist and performer from Seattle, WA, currently residing in Southern California. James holds an Master of Fine Arts in Performance and Composition from California Institute of the Arts and a Bachelor of Music in Classical Bass Performance and Technology in Music and Related Arts from Oberlin Conservatory. Current focuses include audience interactivity and immersion, live digital processing, improvisation, installation, and dance.

With sound, James crafts soundscapes by layering double bass and voice with digital effects. The music is both unfamiliar and welcoming – these places have never existed, yet there are footprints.

With movement, James uses spatial awareness as a method of communication. A body can see where another body is without looking, feel how they emote without asking, dance in response without thinking.

With visuals, James constructs representations of physical realities disrupted by emergent chaos. The footage has a defined presence, but it crumbles with a single breath.

With narrative, James wants to know how participant would behave as a character. If you discover that the path splits up ahead, you also notice that there is a path and you are still on it.


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ongoing photography explorations with a Panasonic Lumix G7