January 2019, Los Angeles, CA

An immersive experimental folk-opera crafted by four larks, 13-piece acoustic ensemble (including my bass + vocals), album recorded at CalArts, mixed in my studio

barefoot beats

June 2016, Oberlin, OH

Loop based songs recorded at shows in Oberlin, improvised on bass + beatboxing + voice + electronics

Flying lessons

September 2015, Seattle, WA

A collection of live soundscapes of bass + voice + electronics became a concept album accompanied by a story of flight


May 2017, Valencia, CA

[content warning: sexual abuse, domestic violence]

Digitally manipulated field recordings and bass were used to create sound design and composition for this experimental documentary about non-linear healing from traumas



April 2014, Oberlin, OH

Selections from a 2-hour performance / accompaniment for the 24-hour Contact Improv Jam in Warner Main Space, using bass, electronics, and various spontaneous instrumentation