April 2018, CalArts

Valencia, CA

IncorpoReality was an immersive theatrical experience, relying on the audience's participation to influence the course of the narrative. Audience members were treated as characters in the story, as if the fourth wall had closed behind them.

The performance began with audience being welcomed into a conference room as new employees for the company IncorpoReality. As the orientation progressed, the more they learned more about IncorpoReality's mind-uploading technology, the more dirty secrets were discovered. Eventually it became clear that the company was holding human test subjects against their will, and only the new employees could aid their escape.

At various moments in the performance, audience members made choices to either obey instruction and be compliant employees, or break from the group and shift the narrative to do what they found morally right.


Interactive video documentation here - see how the events of a performance unfolded, choosing which room to witness at any moment.

Conceived by James Vitz-Wong

Dorian - Juan Ayala

Clive Bonner, CEO - David Blindauer

Dr. Miranda Rose Weisberg, Inventor - Antonia Cruz-Kent

Dr. Samantha O'Leary, Mapping - Grace Fellows

Dr. Felicia Lewis, Cartridge Technician - Olivia Gentes

Blake Hamlin, Receptionist - Malcolm Gottesman

Ethan Harris-Riggs - Ethan Harris-Riggs

Richard Thorington, Security - Tom Rhodes

Craig - TJ Sclafani

[Diana's body] - Char Simpson

Diana - Brooke Tillman

Alex - Nathan Turzcan

William Jiàn, Security - James Vitz-Wong


Costume Design - Sonya Berg

Scenic Design - Cameron Creath

Logistical Support - Rachel Iba

Lighting Design - Pei-Yu Lai

Production Support - Changting Lu

Technical Director - Tom Rhodes

Co-Writer - Char Simpson

Video Design - Vincent De La Torre

Sound Design - Nathan Turzcan

Graphic Design - Ellody Wu


This project would not have been possible without the generous support and creative prowess of family, mentors, and friends.

Special thanks to:

Kathie Vitz, Chris Wong, Kevin Vitz-Wong, Michael Vitz-Wong, Anne LeBaron, Sara Roberts, Scott Cazan, Tom Leeser, Daniel Jackson, Tyler Brownlow-Calkin, Francesca Penzani, Nick Deyoe, The Herb Alpert School of Music, Julianne Just, Nicolás Savignano, Rachel Iba, Gina Beltran, Debi Lundstrom, Sarah Ulmes, Donna Arii, Judy McGinnis, Trish Patryla, The Interdisciplinary Grant Committee, Jason Palmer, CalArts Campus Safety, Mimi Kite, George Romano, Andrea LeBlanc, Martin Velez, Josh Westerman, Anna Grossman, Chris Delgado, Barmey Ung, Sara Cubarsi, Spencer Salazar, 1nce, all the attendees of the playtest sessions,

and my dear Tom Rhodes.